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About Upward Learning Centre

Upward Learning LogoUpward Learning is a community driven enrichment center that focuses on helping students prepare for their future. We offer an American curriculum for students from early childhood through elementary, middle and high school. Our academic program is college preparatory and holistic, preparing each individual student for success for their particular path in life. 

We are committed to nurturing students in an environment of care and acceptance enabling them to achieve, think, communicate and become well-rounded global citizens. We hope to inspire students to become achievers and leaders in the community and eventually in their field of interest.

Upward Learning Centre uses the American-based Abeka curriculum at its core, which combined with our unique approach, provides a tailored learning pathway for each student. Our class sizes are small which means that all students can receive a high level of individualized attention. ULC values the trust that parents have given the Team by placing their children in our care.

We strive to nurture students in three main areas of development:

  • Body – By applying good practice health and safety guidelines and information, our goal is to equip students to present their bodies fit for useful service in society.
  • Mind – Logic, objectivity, and reason come from our mind. At Upward Learning Centre, we place great value on developing our students’ minds. Our goal is to give students the necessary tools to contribute their talents and abilities to society now and for the future.
  • Soul – Our emotions and attitudes originate here; so this area is related to a student’s approach towards honesty, dignity, and respect. Our goal in this area is to train and maximize the character values necessary for effective adult life.

What We're Working Towards...

“It takes a village to raise a child...” as the African saying goes, it is so true. As educators, we must take this to heart when we are designing our educational ecosystems. Not just our curriculum, not just our structure... We need to build villages in which to educate.

The concept of our inclusive international school by MindSpace is an inclusive environment aimed at providing a first-of-its-kind facility in Malaysia. Fully equipped to be fully accessible for all students. Fully staffed and structured to meet all student support requirements. Fully engaged to provide real access to real vocations to be ready for real life. An educational village where all students are welcomed into small classes with specific educational pathway options based on each students’ talents, abilities & capacities.


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City Campus

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