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What We Offer

At Upward Learning Centre we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to learn, to grow, to have good communication skills, to build meaningful relationships with the people around them, and to feel fulfilled. In alignment with the core MindSpace values and mission, Upward Learning Centre redefines society's appreciation of needs that are special through developing environments that encourage to attain one's full potential. We provide assistance for students to choose opportunities for success and development of self advocacy.

Supporting community development means to be able to respond to the needs of the community.  This requires a diverse range of offerings for each demographic of community that has a need.  We are continuously developing pathways to support community as we identify areas of need within community. MindSpace has spent the last three years developing individual components of this solution ecosystem coming together to provide a flexible and holistic solution for individuals in a school setting.

At Upward Learning Centre, we recognise the strengths and potential in all our students. The centre identifies pathways in which individuals are not expected to conform themselves to the setting, but tailor the solutions to their needs. It is a space where anybody and everybody can open up, learn from each other, grow and feel at home. We are investing continuously in building a better future in which each child succeeds and is recognized for their abilities. Upward Learning Centre is an encouraging, caring and supporting environment allowing individuals to grow and develop in remarkable ways through a variety of activities.  We focus on the whole child and their strengths and needs in the long term.

Our Inclusive Options

Supporting community development means to be able to respond to the needs of the community.  This requires a diverse range of offerings for each demographic of community that has a need.  We are continuously developing pathways to support community as we identify areas of need within community.  Since 2014, MindSpace has been developing individual components of this solution ecosystem coming together to provide a flexible and holistic solution for individuals in a school setting.

QUEST is a program for students with more significant difficulties, complex needs and considerable developmental delays.

CRP is a Classroom Readiness Program designed to prepare students to enter one of our academic classroom streams.

CAP is a program for students with mild or moderate difficulties to access an adapted mainstream curriculum at their own pace.

Cross Point is a link program for students who are transitioning from our Quest or CAP programs into inclusive mainstream classes.

Integration Support provides mainstream classroom learning assistance in the peer learning environment needed to encourage learning success.

Axis Vocational is an assessment based, training plan with a focus on student interests, abilities, and personal and family goals for the future.


AbekaThe Abeka approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. Our materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality. Skilled researchers do primary research in every subject. Thus our publications are built upon a firm foundation of absolute truth and sound scholarship, and are written by dedicated and talented scholars well-grounded in the practical aspects of classroom teaching. For excellence in education, you can trust Abeka. 

Today’s students need to be taught the accumulated wisdom of the past from a biblical worldview so they will have a firm foundation from which to evaluate the present and make proper decisions for the future. 

Abeka textbooks, curriculum, and materials are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time. 

The educational approach is founded on Biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know.


The means by which each person may learn for themselves:
Because children become what they read, they need character-building reading materials from the very beginning. Abeka employs Phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, Abeka readers are the finest available anywhere. Stories are carefully selected for interest, readability, theme, and values, with questions throughout to guide students in comprehension of reading material and in application of valuable principles to their lives.


The study of logic and order to apply to science and daily life:
Abeka provides attractive, legible, and workable traditional mathematics texts that are not burdened with modern theories such as set theory. These books have been field-tested, revised, and used successfully for many years, making them classics with up-to-date appeal. Besides training students in the basic skills needed for life, Abeka traditional mathematics books teach students to believe in absolutes, to work diligently for right answers, and to see mathematical facts as part of the truth and order built into the real universe.

Science / Health

The investigation of variety, order and reasonableness revealed in creation: The Abeka Science and Health Program presents the universe from a Biblical worldview. Teachability is assured through accurate, interesting writing, carefully planned demonstrations that can be performed with a minimum of equipment, chapter terms and questions, full-color illustrations, consideration of the interests and comprehension skills of students at each grade level, and detailed Curriculum/Lesson Plans.


The study of language and communication in a structured, reasonable, and well-articulated manner:
Thought and language are foundational to acquiring and transmitting knowledge. Therefore, the teaching of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition, and literature in education is of particular importance. 

Abeka grammar books emphasize structure, rules, analysis, and the kind of practice that aims at mastery. This is why we place an importance on correct spelling and the continual enlargement of each student's vocabulary. This is why we aspire to provide students with examples of the very best literature of the ages, and this is why we emphasize the continual improvement of writing abilities.

We Support The Inclusive Inclusion Educational Ecosystem

We envision MindSpace as a community meeting point, where needs are addressed and solutions are formed. The result of identifying a great need in the community is a place where people with diverse needs are welcomed and embraced. This is how CSNE was born. We believe that we all have special talents and needs, that when assembled together form a strong network for growth.

thinking differently... needs different thinking

changing our mind-set in our approach to different minds. The meeting of minds spanning the spectrum requires creative translation of differences on the road to an inclusive & integrated community.

CSNE by MindSpace is a demonstrative educational model that is taking a bi-directional, proactive approach to inclusive education in which students at CSNE are included into mainstream lessons and activities; but also, one in which students from our mainstream centre and other community volunteers come and participate.

Special Development Programs

Targeted Solutions: Special Development Programs are focused on areas where specific needs are required to be met.  The Special Development Program is a division that focuses on developing specific solutions for specific needs in an exclusive environment whilst researching the possibilities, developing programs, and implementing solutions.

Educational Development Direction

Inclusive Solutions: Educational Development is a focused approach to providing access to mainstream educational pathways irrespective of capabilities.  This section forms the core of our Inclusive Education program where the classroom environments are mini-ecosystems of learning in and of themselves.  Combining the approach to holistic mainstream education with our inclusive education model, it has changed the definition of "holistic".  The ability to experience a diverse educational ecosystem that is a reflection of our children's future society itself, is an educational solution that truly prepares them for the future.

Social Integration Development & Awareness

Social Solutions: Most educational institutions of primary and seconday learning have limited access to interfacing with society itself.  Many learning institutions are geogrphically isolated from society.  As such, it limits the ability for learning institutions to support and develop the skills needed for social integration.  We continue to develop programs, activities and events that provide inclusive social integration for all groups in society.

This enables social inclusion across and into different groups of society that often wouldn't include inclusive options.

Vocational Development Direction

Vocational Solutions: Vocational Development is a transitional program that moves between theory and practical in the continued journey towards work participation and potential livelihood.  The goal of our vocational development program is be able to provide access to as many vocational skills as possible to find the one where each student may connect with.  This then connects skill development with drive and determination enabling the program to really develop talent that society would be able to see value.