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Welcome to Upward Learning

Upward Learning is an inclusive Preschool through High School facility that provides a Biblically focused curriculum and a quality educational experience in a small and personal environment. 


Empowering Students to Achieve

Upward Learning is an inclusive community driven enrichment center that focuses on helping students prepare for their future. We offer an American curriculum in an inclusive environment for students from early childhood through elementary, middle and high school. Our academic program is college preparatory and holistic, preparing each individual student for success for their particular path in life. 

We are committed to nurturing students in an environment of diversity, care and acceptance, enabling them to achieve, think, communicate and become well-rounded global citizens. We hope to inspire students to become achievers and leaders in the community and eventually in their field of interest.

Our team members are carefully selected, ensuring they are both qualified in their respective fields and have the passion needed to guide a child in the way they should go. Technology alongside pen and paper is merged to compliment each classroom and individual learning plan, providing for the benefits of today's technologies without losing the skills of yesterday. It is our goal to prepare students for global interaction in education, business, and life. 

The core curriculum of our graded learning program is Abeka. Internationally accepted and praised for its traditional style and values, Abeka offers a high standard of achievement for each student both independently and collectively.